- Parents apply by filling an on-line application form.
- Prior to the entry exam, the school offers an orientation session in Maths and English.
- Candidates sit for written exams, and parents are informed about their oral interview date.

Kindly follow the link below to apply for the British or the American program.



Required documents for accepted students:
•    Authenticated Primary and/or middle consecutive school transcripts.
•    Original, computerized Birth Certificate.
•    18 recent student passport  photographs
•    Photocopy of parents' ID card or photocopy of passport for non-Egyptians.
•    A photocopy of candidate passport.

- School fees:
- Student will receive an acceptance letter including school fees and due dates for payment.


Early Admission For International Educational Programs

Online Asmission for International Educational Programs - Academic
Year 2023/2024 Available now.

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