Health & Safety


Parents may be assured that the health and safety of our students is our first concern. We need parents' support to ensure that the risk to the children of infection is kept to the absolute minimum.

If your child has any infectious or contagious condition, a temperature of over 37.6° Celsius or is experiencing any symptoms of fever, it is school policy that your child stays at home until the symptoms have passed. In certain cases, the school may require documented proof, from a suitable medical professional, that your child’s return to school poses no risk to other students or to staff.

As many infections are spread by contact we urge you to remind your children to wash their hands regularly and to use antibacterial hand sanitizers that are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies.



When an evacuation practice is held, or in the event of an emergency alert:

  1. The school bell will sound continuously.
  2. All students must proceed, under the instruction of the teacher, to leave the buildings silently and in an orderly fashion, leaving all bags and personal possessions behind.
  3. At Stage 1, students who are in the building assemble in their normal morning line-up positions in the courtyard. The route to the Stage 1 positions is indicated on the Emergency Evacuation notice which is posted in a prominent position, close to the door, in each room.
  4. At Stage 2, students must then stand in order and in total silence for the roll call.
  5. Students will return to class in an orderly way when told to proceed by the member of staff in charge.


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