Our Discipline Code

Our Discipline Code

Discipline Code

At the start of the academic year, Form Teachers explain to the students the terms of the formal Discipline Code (DC) which is displayed in the classrooms. Parents receive the DC hand booklet. 


Our 'Non-Negotiable Policies' are:

Saluting the Flag:

The students have to arrive at school premises not later than 7:55 a.m. and must salute the Egyptian flag.

School Premises:

The students are not allowed to leave the school premises at any time without a written permit from the school administration. 

School property:

Teaching areas are equipped with a variety of teaching aids; therefore, we ask students to respect the property of the school as well as that of others.



Except during the Social Studies, Arabic, Religion and Foreign Language classes, English should be the language of communication and study.



The students have to attend school on a regular basis so as to participate fully and gain maximum benefit from schooling.    


We believe that the school uniform helps to encourage our school spirit by enhancing a sense of pride and unity, leading to a positive atmosphere which is more conducive to learning. The students must wear their school uniforms on a daily basis.


Mobile phones are not permitted in school; students must hand in their mobiles at the beginning of the school day and receive them at the end of the school day.


We look for every possible opportunity to reward excellent student’s behaviour and performance; we reward individual students and whole classes based on their academic performance, outstanding athletic achievements, and end-of-year ranking.

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